11 December 2012

I am a mum

My blog 95% centres around being a mum and without a doubt, I am first and foremost a mother and wife.

But I am also:

- An interior designer wannabe.  I love love looking at magazines and online sites like houzz, lonny, designsponge, apartment therapy, the interiors addict and the list goes on and on.  My house does not look anything like these - but it will eventually!  I just need the money to covet all my design loves.

- A nerd.  I spend soooo much time online.  See above.  I also love pinterest and have a love/hate relationship with FB.  

- A past workaholic.  I say "past" because since being on maternity leave I have realised that I really need to focus my energy on things that really matter to me, instead of letting stress zap me of all my positive vibes.  Work is an ends to a means for me.  I unfortunately am not one of those lucky people who have landed their dream job -but it pays the bills and is unfortunately a necessary evil.  I'm saying goodbye to working 60 hour weeks!!  Sayonara!

- A traveller.  Hubby and I lived overseas for 2 years and we came back to Australia 2 years ago.  We made the most of those 2 years overseas and travelled, travelled and travelled.  I was bitten by the travelling bug and am afraid there is no antidote   I guess I have something to thank work for - because it was work that sent me overseas!

- A chocoholic - I am a mum and therefore a chocoholic.

- An unsuccessful DIYer -  As a result of pinterest and my love for interior design, I have tried and failed many a DIY creative project.  I also blame YHL which is a combo of both.

I love being a mum - but there is more to me than being a mum.  I think it is so important that Miss P realises that whilst I am always going to be her mummy - that I also have loves and interests and that is what makes me - me.

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