5 December 2012

Our holiday adventure

I am one of those people that when you return from a holiday, you are immediately planning the next holiday.  Even moreso in this case, because our first family holiday was a winner!  The pace for our holiday was set on cruise.  Our holiday was so laid back - we had our accommodation booked and that was the extent of our plans.  We fished, enjoyed the sun, the beach and each other's company. 

I was more worried about travelling with my hubby, than Miss P as he is a bit of a stresshead about everything and anything.  But in this case there was nothing to worry about..... apart from Miss P deciding she was going to give this crawling business a go the night before we left!!!!!!  Great impeccable timing Miss P.  We marvelled over Miss P's crawling and that quickly turned to us thinking about the baby proofing needed at home.  Eeek!

Well, the batteries are now recharged for the silly season and I have said "I can't believe it is December" at least 100 times already.

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