25 December 2012

To my daughter on your first Christmas

To my beautiful daughter on your very first Christmas,

You have just turned nine months and it feels like life before you was just a blur.  You have taught me to look at life through your eyes and to take delight in the small things; to smile at the rain, to bop my head when there is music and to laugh when you laugh.

Your Dad and I are the most blessed and thankful parents.  Your personality is starting to shine through and we can tell you are an adventurer (you have been crawling all over the house for a month now), playful but cautious and cheeky (which obviously comes from your dad's side).  I love coming to see you in the morning and playing peekaboo through the cot bars - you reaching out to touch my face.  I love your expression when you figured out how to clap your hands.  I love when you are sleeping and look so so peaceful.

Your Dad and I never knew we could love another person as much as we love each other.  Merry Christmas my bubba.  

Your loving Mum, forever and always xx

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