22 April 2013

These are a few of my favourite things #34

Stella McCartney Baby Bell Dotted Tulle Dress
La Stupendiria Romper Suit

House Arrest

Well that is what it feels like when you have a sick, contagious child.

Miss P is getting over a case of mild chickenpox.  Unfortunately being 12 months old, she missed out on getting a chickenpox vaccination which is usually given at 18 months here.  We are not too sure where she picked it up from, but my best guess is at the Doctor's surgery when Miss P got her 12 months needles.

Lesson learnt.  Do not let your child play with the toys at a doctor's surgery.  Because mostly there are sick people at the doctor's surgery.  And kids love, love, love to share their saliva with toys. 

But to be honest, it was a mild case and she did great.  Not too much itching, not too much grizzling - but decided food and her were enemies.  Being cooped up in the house was difficult for 2 weeks.  Cabin fever was very much present.

She is doing much better and is no longer contagious (2 weeks later).  We did manage to unknowingly pass on the chickenpox to a playdate.  Ugh.  The guilt!!!  Did you know that chickenpox is contagious 2 days before you show symptoms?

And there was the added stress of myself not having had chickenpox (I seem to be an anomoly).  And well, the vaccine was not around/common when I was having routine vaccines.  But it looks like I am in the clear too.  Phew.  If you are at risk of getting chickenpox, getting the vaccine 3-5 days within exposure does lesson the severity of the illness.  Thankfully our playdate was not afraid of needles!

15 April 2013

Free nursery printable

I am always looking for new ways to update Miss P's room, or come up with individual birthday presents for bubs.

If you visit here you can download a print that you can personalise - the name and the colour.  The colour choices are just delicious (they remind me of icecream flavours). Did I mention it was free?

You can also find more free nursery printables here.

13 April 2013

These are a few of my favourite things #33

Pom poms are the new bunting...

Credit unknown





I want..... #1

Mother's day is approaching.... and I love dropping hints to my clueless husband.  Well this is just devine!!  Simple but exquisite!

Nora Kogan mama ring

9 April 2013

This is how I am today

This is how I am today.... on the couch, knowing I have a gazillion things to do today.


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